Vale Peter Symons
Sadly, Club Life Member and six time President, Peter Symons passed away on Monday after a long illness.
Peter moved to Australia from England and was initiated into the game in Melbourne in 1970 and 1971.
Peter and wife Margaret and their two sons Robert and Richie moved to Redcliffe and the boys played football with Sandgate although they were not keen on the travel.
There was a small article in the Redcliffe Herald about an Aussie rules club starting up at Redcliffe so Richie pestered Peter to go along. Peter and his two sons attended the public meeting in November 1974 to found the Club at Redcliffe.
Before they went Margaret gave Peter strict instructions to not get on the committee. Peter came as home as Vice President, then in April 1975 became President. Even Margaret joined the committee.
Peter was a motor dealer in Margate and he arranged a five page Feature in the Redcliffe Herald on 30 July 1975 about the Club and the game with the support of 14 advertisers.
Peter was again elected President for 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1984 and was a Trustee.
Both sons played for the juniors and Robert played 78 senior games from 1978 to 1984.
Peter commented in 1983 we had some fiery committee meetings at many venues. Most people have made great contributions and through hard work and dedication we now have our own ground and clubhouse.
Peter attended car swap meets in NSW and when he returned to Redcliffe in 1991 to start a motor wrecking business, he organised the first Rothwell swap meet in conjunction with the Buick Car Club as a fundraising event. The popularity of the event steadily grew each year and a mailing list was kept to let stall holders know of the dates.
The Football Club later ran the event on their own and 6 monthly events were held. With the increasing size of the Club, the events were held annually at the end of the football season in October until the 30th swap meet in 2011. Peter would meet the Committee at 5am on the Sunday morning to direct the stall holders where to park on the oval.
At the 1995 annual general meeting, Peter chaired the meeting and commented the Club has run for 21 turbulent years, won two Grand Finals, and on three occasions had nearly folded. He expressed his hope for the continued success of the Club.
Peter was awarded life membership in 1998.
Grandsons Tim and Steven both played junior football for Redcliffe.
In 2016, President Steve Brown was very honoured to meet Peter and Margaret at their residence. It made Steve really think about the amazing history that we now have as a club, and with the future at our new sporting fields, all of this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the commitment and dedication from our founders and following committee members, and for that we are forever grateful and extremely privileged to be in the position we are. Sadly, Margaret passed away in 2017.
The Redcliffe Tigers AFC and members send their deepest condolences to Peter’s family and friends.

Ray White Life Member