RTAFC Update

 As you would all be aware we suffered from major flooding at Rothwell during the recent rain event.  We have been working with council to get the field up and running, however at this stage it is still unable to be used.  If the weather permits hopefully the field will be back online next week to allow for some training to occur.  The day and times will be dependent on the lights, as at present there is no electricity turned on for the change rooms or lights due to water damage.  The situation is frustrating; however, player safety comes first, and while we have tried to find alternatives most fields in MBRC are in the same situation or currently being used by other clubs.

We will keep you updated – and as soon as we can get time and space on a field, we will let you know.

This Saturday one of our Senior Sponsors, Vend Marketplace has kindly offered as the opportunity to run a fundraising BBQ and raffles to raise some money to put towards the replacing the equipment lost and repairs required at Rothwell.  We need volunteers to help us with this event – we are only asking for an hour of your time.  If you can spare an hour, please grab a spot on signup: https://signup.com/go/cFrZGgq

For new and returning families, there have been some questions raised about Rothwell after the recent flooding event.  The club will be maintaining Rothwell for at least the next 4 years, and potentially after that.  The reason is simple – we need it.  We have grown to 28 teams in 2022.  There is no physical way that we could fit all teams onto one field alone for training or games.  We need a second field plus potentially more space moving forward.

The Nathan Road facility’s upgrade of the green space into a field and additional training space is a work in progress.  It goes through 2 years of planning and then into 2 years of building.  This is due to budgetary constraints and the way the MBRC works.  The works are expected to cost somewhere in the vicinity of $5 million dollars plus – a price tag that the club on its own couldn’t afford.  

This season the maintenance on Nathan Road has taken far longer than anticipated.  The field has been closed since the beginning of December and is still having major works done to get into shape ready for games to commence in 2022.  This season we will need to reduce our hours on the Nathan Road facility to ensure that it remains open for the entire period, and we will continue to work with council on this.

All of this means that the club will continue to invest time and money into Rothwell where necessary. 

We hoped that season 2022 would be an easier start than the past two – mother nature just decided to throw us a curve ball.  The committee, our senior and youth coaches and other members of the club are working as hard as possible to come up with solutions and alternatives, and we ask for understanding when things don’t happen as quickly as hoped. 

Fingers crossed the sun stays out and all players will be back on the grass with a footy in hand soon.

Gayle Wetzel Fitzgerald RTAFC President.