Below is the schedule for team photos.

Please note that the times are guidelines only – on the day we may run early/late or have to make adjustments.  All players need to wear their black shorts and socks – team managers will have their jerseys.

Tuesday June 1

4:50pm Under 8 White
5:00pm Under 12
5:15pm Under 14 Black
5:25pm Under 14 Yellow
5:40pm Colts
5:50pm Under 16 Yellow
6:05pm Under 16 Black
6:15pm Under 15

Wednesday June 2

4:50pm Under 8 Black
5:00pm Under 8 Yellow
5:10pm Under 8 Red
5:20pm Under 9 Black
5:30pm Under 9 Yellow
5:40pm Under 13
5:50pm Under 9 White
6:00pm Under 10 Black
6:10pm Under 10 Yellow
6:20pm Under 11 Black
6:30pm Under 11 Yellow
6:40pm Under 17

Saturday June 26

12:40pm Superstars
1:00pm Under 9 Girls
1:15pm Under 11 Girls

If you have any questions please ask your manager.